Friday, August 03, 2012

Sendik’s, responsible Waste Management? Cool.

Okay, I wasn't the only West Bender who lit candles of thanks when we finally got a Sendiks here, but for me, this is the kind of social responsibility we should expect but rarely see.

Tip o the hat to Sendik's!

Sendik’s, Waste Management Converting Food Waste to Compost - Greenfield, WI Patch


Kevin Scheunemann said...

You seem to look upon landfills as a bad thing.

The methane gas from landfills is a "green" source of electricity in many cases. If you reduce landfill contributions, you diminish this potential source of "green" energy.

Landfills do eventually compost. In West Bend, commercial structures and highways are built on landfills, with little or no issue.

Maybe you should think outside that box you are in.

JPenterman said...

I prefer incinerators.