Sunday, August 19, 2012

Paul Ryan, Keynesian?? Here's his Support Of the Keynesian Stimulus.

This gets better and better.

Mitt and Paul?  More like Mutt and Jeff.

Paul Ryan Support Of Stimulus - Business Insider

MSNBC's Chris Hayes has unearthed a straight-up gem of a video from February 14, 2002, wherein Representative Paul Ryan gives a full-throated defense of stimulus to get the country out of recession.
What's key here is not just that Ryan supported stimulus then, it's that he supported it for explicitly Keynesian reasons, including the idea that spending money during a recession would then juice the economy to improve government revenues down the road. And in addition to supporting tax cuts, he explicitly supports things like unemployment insurance and ongoing support for healthcare.
The whole segment will blow your mind.

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Kevin Scheunemann said...

Paul Ryan was plain wrong on the issue at the time.

Unlike Obama, I'm willing to bet he would be willing to admit he was wrong on stimulus.

Does this defense of stimulus mean you will vote for him?