Thursday, August 09, 2012

Daily Kos on Tanya Lohr

A nicely clear and partisan free account of the differences between Tanya Lohr and Glenn Grothman.  

We've earned better representation than Glenn.

Here's why.

Daily Kos: Tanya Lohr vs. Glenn Grothman for WI State Senate: His Words, Her Words


Kevin Scheunemann said...


Lohr wants to "restore adequate funding to education"?

Her, and her husband, reap 180K a year in salary and benefits from the public school system as teachers...are planning shooting to make themselves Bill Gates on backs of property taxpayers?

Democrats consider 180K a year "rich".

Just what does "adequate" mean in the strange world of the Daily Kos?

I don't think you have courage to post this.

Vince Marolla said...

Kevin, you lack the courage to actually look at the candidates for Senate District 20. And what is your inane comment "are planning shooting to make . . . " It makes less sense than you usually make. Are you suggesting that Ms. Lohr is a violent individual?

Like most conservatives I can see you are scared of Ms. Lohr. You mention nothing of Senator Grothman's record of insane comments as quoted in the Daily Kos. You do nothing to argue that he does not devalue women -- something that he repeatedly demonstrates. You say nothing of his record and ignore Ms. Lohr's practical stance on many issues.

Do something for yourself Kevin, get educated about the candidates, and you will vote for Ms. Lohr.

Other Side said...

Courage is something you can't be afraid to have.

JPenterman said...

Are teachers supposed to work for free? Are public workers to work for free? What does Kevin propose public ed teachers be paid and what does he expect for his money?

I do not understand the rest of his post. Kevin seems bitter. Many personal attacks in his post.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

I take issue with saying public education is not "adequately funded" when the Lohr household reaps 180K benefits from that system. (If that is that is perceived as a personal attack, so be it...liberals seem to think everyone has this vast pool of wealth to tap.)

Many small business owners make a fraction of that with no benefits with no days off.

Lohr wants to raise property taxes even more to give to the "rich"?*

*Democrats have been known to say $60K/year is "rich".

I don't understand this alleged crisis in education funding when teachers are paid at these insane levels of compensation for 9 months of work.

When is the radical left going to have some compassion on the taxpayer?


That should say, "are they planning on shooting to make themselves Bill Gates on backs of taxpayers."

DanBack said...


Why do you worship small business owners as if they are Jesus Christ Himself?

You won't have the courage to answer this.


Other Side said...

Er, Kevin. I believe the discussion was about funding of education, not compensation.

You are a silly person. One thing, you believe if someone works hard they should be compensated accordingly. Right? So what's your beef with the Lohrs?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Other Side,

Compensated to the marketplace...not a government monopoly like public schools.

Let's open up school vouchers statewide...let public schools compete for students, then you can make the argument for lavish pay for teachers that excel in the competitive marketplace.

Other Side said...

Your idea of lavish pay is skewed. Average was about 60,000 and then only after 20 years of continued work. Getting a masters or doctorate (hard work btw) helped add to compensation.

Frankly, you would continue to whine about compensation even if the voucher scenario you espouse came true.