Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Two straightforward dismantlings of Ayn Rand.

We've had some conversations in my department lately about what to do with the disciples of Ayn Rand who occasionally show up and, then, disrupt the class with their attempts to proselytize.  This happens mainly in ethics classes where their insistence on what they unreflectively refer to as "selfishness" tends to blind them to the over 2000 years of clear thinking and rigorous argument that, as a rule, grounds coherent and rational ethics in a kind of altruism.

Frankly, I'm no longer able to distinguish Rand's followers from Scientologists -- except that Scientologists have snazzier technology and, of course, John Travolta.

Anyway, for those of you also interested in the nuts and bolts, the smoke and mirrors, of Ayn Rand's doctrines, two useful links.

Why I'm not an objectivist


Critique of "The Objectivist Ethics"

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