Thursday, July 05, 2012

The trouble with Khan Academy -- the addicting failure of online education.

We don't need to cave in to the lure of a technology that makes kids dumber.

The trouble with Khan Academy - Casting Out Nines - The Chronicle of Higher Education

At some point around the beginning of February 2012, David Coffey — a co-worker of mine in the math department at Grand Valley State University and my faculty mentor during my first year — mentioned something to me in our weekly mentoring meetings. We were talking about screencasting and the flipped classroom concept, and the conversation got around to Khan Academy. Being a screencaster and flipped classroom person myself, we’d talked about making screencasts more pedagogically sound many times in the past.

That particular day, Dave mentioned this idea about projecting a Khan Academy video onto the screen in a classroom and having three of us sit in front of it, offering snarky critiques — but with a serious mathematical and pedagogical focus — in the style of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I told him to sign me up to help, but I got too busy to stay in the loop with it.

It turns out I missed my chance at viral internet stardom, because Dave finally made the video along with John Golden ;(another GVSU math person):

Click the link for the video. It's hilarious.


Kevin Scheunemann said...

I see you are in full lockstep to justify the crazy inflation and cost of higher education.

I guess the rich professor class always lobby's for theirs.

I am not surprised by your posturing here...taking one bad organization and demonizing all technological online education in favor or your 19th century model of education.

Mpeterson said...

There's a "rich professor class"? Where do they work?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Democrats say 60K a year is "rich".

100% of full time UW professors (combined salary and benefits)make 60K a year. Many make much, much more.

This is how the "rich", like yourself, get cry poor, even though you are not.

Mpeterson said...

60k is lower than the MEDIAN household income in Washington County so I'm hard pressed to see how you could think anyone thinks that's rich. It's also MORE than my annual salary -- something in the public record you would have known had you bothered to check.

Go troll elsewhere Kevin. This is just stupid.