Friday, July 06, 2012

Time to start teaching Tea Pot Theory in science classes.


Kevin Scheunemann said...

That is a very interesting religion you posted.

Are you actively recruiting disciples for celestial teapotism?

Sounds like you have strong faith in celestial teapotism.

Mpeterson said...

"Faith"? Hmm... I always get a little nervous when most people use this word since 1) they don't usually know what it means and 2) when they think they know they usually mean "believing in things unseen." But since you always know what you mean when you say things I'll tell you what: when you can explain how faith is relevant to a teleological suspension of the ethical, and to your own version of Christianity, I'll let you post again. That seems fair, no?

Other Side said...

Finally. Kevin has simply been mocking you Mark, though for the life me I don't understand why, considering ....

Of course you knew that.

Sure would like to meet someday. I spent a semestet at UWWC majoring in beer and foosball.

Do you know Prof. Dan Putnam? I really enjoyed his classes at UWFV.

Mpeterson said...

Kevin is simply a contrarian, but I think his mind was befuddled at some point by the pathology of pretending to be both a Christian, of some kind, while adhering to Randianism. He was a student of mine, in fact, which prevents me from ever commenting on his education. He used to be pretty interesting. He led a charge to have a local anti-cruising ordinance overthrown... when he was much much younger. But now he pretty much just shills for the ruling plutocracy, apparently because he believes owning a Dairy Queen franchise puts him in the same class as the Koch brothers economically, and in the same class as Joseph Stiglitz intellectually.

At least, that's the most sense I can make of him. What do you think Kevin?

Dan Putman, safe to say, is one of my heroes. Great prof, great brain, great soul... and the sob can really write. ;^) It's great you got to have that experience.

Other Side said...

Few people get to actually meet someone who helps change a life. Thankfully, I've had two. Professor Putnam challenged me. Coupled with an abundance of compassion, his soul is indeed a special one.