Friday, July 06, 2012

Publicly funded religion for me, not for thee

West Bend fundamentalists, take note.

Publicly funded religion for me, not for thee - The Maddow Blog


Kevin Scheunemann said...

So the godless athiesm in public schools is not religion?


I'm waiting for your call for defunding of the radical global warming religion as well?

Methinks you only call for defunding of Christianity.

Be consistent.

Other Side said...

Did you even read the link, Kevin? Your comment is foolish if you didn't.

Well, it's foolish regardless.

Vince Marolla said...

Interesting how misinformed the Rep. was -- the religion of the founders would have been a deism that denied the trinity and Jesus as savior and relied on nature and reason. Oh well, guess she didn't study that part of US History.