Monday, July 16, 2012

The New Totalitarianism: How American Corporations Have Made America Like the Soviet Union | | AlterNet

As we keep saying.

The New Totalitarianism: How American Corporations Have Made America Like the Soviet Union | | AlterNet
The great power struggle of the 20th century was the competition between Soviet-style communism and "free-market" corporatism for domination of the world's resources. In America, it's taken for granted that Soviet communism lost (though China's more capitalist variant seems to be doing well), and the superiority of neo-liberal economics -- as epitomized by the great multinational corporations -- was thus affirmed for all time and eternity.
There's a small problem with this, though. An old bit of wisdom says: choose your enemies carefully, because over time, you will tend to become the very thing you most strongly resist. One of the most striking things about our victorious corporations now is the degree to which they've taken on some of the most noxious and Kafkaesque attributes of the Soviet system -- too often leaving their employees, customers, and other stakeholders just as powerless over their own fates as the unhappy citizens of those old centrally planned economies of the USSR were back in the day.


Kevin Scheunemann said...

You demean the monstrous evil of the Stalinist Marxists by making this comparison.

100 million dead, many of them tortured, under Stalin and you have the audacity to compare that to the free market system?

I think you want to bring the evils of Marxism back en vogue and this is your effort to make a past Soviet Marxist thugs look better through the historical lense.

You betray truth by doing this.

Mpeterson said...

Wow. You spoiled little brat.

Unlike your armchair pretensions into the damage that can be caused by ideological insanity, I've actually lived in those places. I know people who were victims of these totalitarian systems. You have no idea, and believe me when I say this, you have no idea what those totalitarian thugs actually did in the name of their ideology. You've only read the press reports. What happened in real life was worse than anything your little corn raised and ice cream fed brain can imagine. It's the most offensive kind of moral cowardice -- and I'm sorry to see it so clearly now, here in your prose.

You have a perfectly good idea, on the other hand, of the misery that's been caused, and then justified, by our economic ideology's technique of imposing and sanctioning clever and soothing words to replace "greed" and "avarice." In fact, you're raising your own children to believe in these justifications, and in justifying these miseries.

You are, of course, free to do so but then there is nothing here to distinguish you from Wesley Mouch.

I'm sure with enough ice cream, they'll learn to swallow it too.