Thursday, July 05, 2012

Monsanto Fails at Improving Agriculture: Union of Concerned Scientists calls shenanigans.

Not entirely surprising.

They do have a LOT of money however plus a former employee sitting on the US Supreme Court.

Monsanto Fails at Improving Agriculture: UCS Spreads the Word | Union of Concerned Scientists
Monsanto's advertisements tell an impressive tale of the agribusiness giant's achievements: Feeding a growing population. Protecting natural resources. Promoting biodiversity. 
It sounds wonderful, but unfortunately, there's a catch: These claims are often exaggerated, misleading or downright false. Monsanto's products—and the practices they promote—may sustain the company's profits, but the evidence shows that they stand in the way of truly sustainable solutions to our food and farming challenges.
In the ads below, we counter Monsanto's feel-good rhetoric with some facts gleaned from UCS analysis. Share them with friends, and spread the word: when it comes to healthy farming, Monsanto fails!


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