Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Feeling the heat

Not that global warming is actually happening or anything since, like, it's just a liberal lie to help fund the world scientific conspiracy -- the same scientists who keep insisting The Visitors are actually dangerous lizard people.

Silly scientists.  Lock them up.

Eugene Robinson: Feeling the heat - The Washington Post


Kevin Scheunemann said...

It hasn't been this warm in 17 years!

That is a long time to be freezing our butts off.

I'm surprised you don't conclude that 17 years (July 1995 was last time we hit 100 degree mark) between 100 degree (assuming it gets that warm today) temperatures is a sign of global cooling!

Correct your erroneous hypothesis and you will be fine.

Mpeterson said...

(shhhh... don't worry Kevin. Your lizard identity will never be discovered. No one will find out about the "missing" children you have stored in your freezers there at the DQ for, you know, "their own protection." Take it easy, everything is going according to plan. A few more years of this and the humans will be toast. Keep the faith brother. Your species will triumph.)

Kevin Scheunemann said...

I thought you previously denounced name calling as "hurtful"?

If I lived by your standards, I might have been offended by your comments... however, I chuckled instead.

Other Side said...

Come on Mark. Global warming is a good thing for Kevin. It means sales of frozen yummies will increase beyond his wildest dreams. Heck, he's probably built a secret CO2 emitting plant in his backyard. The future is now for DQ dominance.

Mpeterson said...

I wasn't going to embarrass Kevin by pointing out the genius of his position.

Hurtful Kevin? Are you offended, again, because I'm using your human- rather than your lizard-name? I'm sorry. I've just known you too long as "Kevin."

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Other side, Mark,

So you guys shamelessly shill for the natural gas and propane lobby by wanting to make our winters colder? (This is assuming the global warming religion is correct and, somehow, humans have god-like control over the climate).

Two 100 degree days in last 17 years... it does not merit the 'sky is falling', end of the world talk.

It's not even going to get to the all time temperature record for this area.

Lack of hitting the all time temperature record is a clear data sign of global cooling. (or that the sun is not cranking the heat like it used to in its massive factory of fission.)

Other Side said...

It's fusion.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

I understand it's fusion, but the global warming movement/religion seems unconcerned about the facts on the unpredictable sun, I figured it was "OK" to get facts wrong.

It's ironic on multiple levels, don't you think?

Or is this where you tell me the global warming religion controls the sun?