Friday, June 29, 2012

Jesus approved this message. You might be ready to join the Party!

America's Best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers, releases a Super PAC ad for the GOP. They're welcome!

If you hate religious extremists -- but are one -- Join the Party!  The GOP is for you.

This video was written and produced by Andrew Bradley for BettyBowers.Com. Deven Green provides narration. Join Betty on Facebook 



Kevin Scheunemann said...

If we were to pick out one of the many falsehoods and misrepresentations in that video, my favorite was the comparison of Jesus commanding to give to the poor and the idea "socialism" is part of that instruction or that Socialism is "giving" as Christ instructed.

Christ commanded "cheerful giving" and good Stewardship of resources. When was the last time this out of control, wasteful, federal governent was a "good stewart" of our resources? Giving by obligation or compulsion is not what Christ instructed. Socialism is stealing, not giving, especially with the "gotcha" federal and state tax code that is indecipherable.

Again, by posting this video, you miss the main point about biblical giving and the instruction Christ gave. If you have to compel someone to "give" through government force, it is not the "cheerful giving" Christ was instructing.

May I suggest picking up your bible? Or are those banned at UWWC?

Vince Marolla said...


Do you actually read the Gospels?

Christ commanded that we share what we have with the poor. He in no way shape or form advocated a cheerful giving as you claim. That came from St. Paul.

In fact, Christ admonished the rich man who asked what he must do to get into the kingdom. Christ commanded that he go and sell everything that he has, give it to the poor and follow me.

That is what Christ says about giving.