Monday, June 11, 2012

An Interview with Terry Eagleton: Why Marx was right.

Do we really believe in equality and justice?  Or is that just rhetorical window dressing designed to hide our economic commitment to the kind of "competition" that pushes our neighbors under the bus?

A nice discussion.

The Oxonian Review » An Interview with Terry Eagleton


Kevin Scheunemann said...

You need to read RADICAL SON by David Horiwitz detailing how his Marxist parents, growing up in America, viewed Stalin as the personification of the Marxist ideal in the 40s,50s and early 60s.

The book eloquently details the crushing intellectual defeat his parents, who were "smarty pants" academics, suffered when the atrocities of previous Marxist darling, Stalin, came out.

So now Marxists can do it better now?

So you want to bury one of the worst human rights disaster, which flowed from Marxism. Worse, you want a "do over"?

Marxism cannot get past the 2 main problems:

1.) What is the incentive to work, produce, excel, and schieve, if everyone is rewarded, and punished, at the same level?

Brain surgery deserves extra pay because of complexity. If brain surgeons get paid the same as your secretary...why would anyone strive to a profession that is very hard, requires extra skill, and tremendous training?

2.) You cannot get past the problem of government corruption. When government controls and flows all the resources in society...the citizens can be abused because those citizens have no economic ability to fight back. Stalin can hurdle you into the work camp easily when you are starving.

The power of the citizen is increased when citizens decide how to spend their resources, not government deciding for them.

I'm somewhat shocked you posted this intellectual foolishness.

...Or do liberals have a sure fire Stalin detactor now for the current Marxist systems? If so, why does it not pick up on the murderous atrocities of Castro, Mugabe, and Chavez?

I don't think you have the courage to post this.

Mpeterson said...

Well Kevin, you're under the impression that Reagan was the embodiment of free-market economics. That hasn't really worked out any better has it?

The longer I live, the more relevance Marx seems to have -- and the more it becomes clear how little Marx most people, "Marxists" included, have read.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

I would never make such a claim about Reagan.

So what you are saying is: most people in your Marxist movement are too dumb to understand the basic principles of the movement, including past "intellectual", academic, Marxists?

I get it...if you were supreme Marxist dictator... it would work, because you are smarter than trillions of daily marketplace decisions made by millions of people.

Somehow, I think my human rights would be violated, openly, under such a scenario.