Friday, June 15, 2012

How does the 1% maintain control? We’ve been brainwashed, duh.

Stiglitz in Salon.

We’ve been brainwashed -
Not only do Americans misperceive the level of inequality; they underestimate the changes that have been going on. Only 42 percent of Americans believe that inequality has increased in the past ten years, when in fact the increase has been tectonic. Misperceptions are evident, too, in views about social mobility. Several studies have confirmed that perceptions of social mobility are overly optimistic.


Kevin Scheunemann said...

Covet, Covet, that all you focus on? Taking from others for your consumption?

Let's start on fixing "income inequality": Tell Obama to stop bailing out the rich! Let's start with Warren Buffet. Check out Reason, March 2012, issue. Warren Buffet was single biggest recipient of TARP bailouts!!!!

Obama has spent his time making the super rich, richer...while taking from the rest of us suckers.

Then we can move on to the super rich automaker unions. $23 billion in auto bailouts we will never get back! Had Obama just let the automakers declare bankruptcy, reorganizing would have taken place and the equity and debt holders would have taken the hit, not taxpayers! This was done to cow tow to the super rich union bossess!

Your guy spends time accelerating the inequality...yet you say nothing critical of Obama!

Suzan said...

Overly optimistic?

Delusional would be my word choice.


The Kraken said...

I saw this article earlier and had to run out and get the book.