Monday, June 04, 2012

The Democratic Party is alive, and angry, and unified in Washington County.

We'd be hard pressed to find a time in history when over 100 Democrats stood together in Old Settlers Park in West Bend, Wisconsin.  Best guess: never.

Get used to it.  To my friends and neighbors in the GOP:

Welcome to the New Normal.

Candidate for Lt. Gov Mahlon Mitchell revved up the crowd today -- a perfect, Wisconsin, June afternoon.

Click here to come in and see us.  There's a reason it's called the Democratic PARTY.  ;^)


James Dionne said...

Looks like the %99 is really only %45.

Mpeterson said...

So true. But there are now thousands of new Dems on the roles and now that they've identified themselves, there might be some effect on local elections. Mr Walker, for instance, had to canvass in Washington County. Republicans hadn't had to do that before. It's interesting to watch this unfold.