Thursday, May 03, 2012

When the Right tries to do philosophy you get 'Ameritopia'

Every once in a while some right wing wonk trots out an astonishingly idiotic effort that tries to make current American Conservatism sound like it wasn't invented behind a moonshine still by a bunch of angry drunks -- witness Glenn Beck's sophomoric attempt to understand Tom Paine's Common Sense or Paul Ryan substituting Ayn Rand for James Madison.   

But the joke is, finally, on America -- whose citizens prefer the poppy juice of adolescent wrath to.. well, to the hard work of trying to understand anything.  Beck makes money peddling his snake oil -- so does Levin.

'Ameritopia': How Dumb Can Po­lit­i­cal Phi­los­o­phy Get? - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Yet here's the rub. Lev­in's first book, Liberty and Tyr­an­ny, sold more than a mil­lion copies. Ameritopia is on its way to sim­i­lar suc­cess, hav­ing stayed near the top of non­fic­tion best-sell­er lists since it ap­peared in Jan­u­ary. What gives? How can so bad a book, on so se­ri­ous a top­ic, sell so well?

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