Sunday, May 27, 2012

Walkers War on Wisconsin Veterans

Isn't Walker's idea of a free market -- or, rather, the ideology of Walker's owners -- more important than making sure our veterans are treated fairly?

  It is to him.

Walkers War on Wisconsin Veterans | Wisconsin Politics
Madison -- The start of Memorial Day weekend kicked off Friday, with Veterans in both Milwaukee and Green Bay, Wisconsin, speaking out against the state’s embattled governor, Scott Walker and his policies. The national holiday recognizes and reveres those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in order to defend our freedoms at home and abroad. Citizens on either side of the political aisle know that if it weren’t for the men and women in uniform, we wouldn’t be able to have political differences of opinion, nor would be able to enjoy the very freedoms we take for granted today.
The common ground between various political entities is that those that have fallen in current or past wars, along with those that serve in the military today, are our mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters who joined together regardless if they were Democrats or Republicans, shoulder to shoulder, to defend our great country.
We as civilians need to do our part to help protect those who have given their lives, limbs and time away from their families from joblessness, homelessness, and discrimination. It is a moral and ethical obligation we owe to our troops to show them and those looking to join the military that we as Americans hold our veterans to the highest honor.
Scott Walker doesn’t agree
On Friday, Military Veteran, Michael Gourlie was one of those speaking out against Scott Walker’s legislation that has harmed veterans and their families. Mr. Gourlie is a member of the Wisconsin Association of Concerned Veterans Organizations (WAVCO), who wrote a letter to Gov. Scott Walker on March 2, 2012 urging him not to sign SB202 into law, as it would strip veterans of their employment discrimination redress via the circuit court.
In essence, the legislation removes protections of military service members who are sent overseas or called up to serve their country from being fired for doing so. The legislation was designed by Republican legislators and signed into law by Scott Walker, to the benefit of businesses that care more about their bottom line than ensuring equality for those who are willing or have given life and limb, so those businesses can enjoy a free market.

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