Thursday, May 31, 2012

Talgo CEO calls Walker a liar and Walker's Wisconsin bad for business.

Why would Wisconsin need good jobs for people when Walker's friends come first?

Murphy’s Law: Did the State Screw Talgo? | Urban Milwaukee

For more than a year, Talgo CEO Antonio Perez has held his tongue as detractors dumped on his company and its trains, until finally he could take no more. Perez cannot believe the State of Wisconsin has chosen to terminate two contracts it signed with Talgo nearly three years ago. His company has put almost three years of work into a project to build and maintain trains in a warehouse in Milwaukee’s 30th Street Corridor, the long-dormant industrial area Gov. Scott Walker has pledged to help revive with a new, $100 million dollar plan. Yet his administration will kill the only viable company now operating there, Talgo.
“What message does this send to other businesses?” Perez asks. “They should be careful of doing business here because Gov Walker does not keep his word. It’s like we’re talking about a Third World country, where people don’t have respect for their contracts.”

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Democurmudgeon said...

Great story. Thanks for finding it and giving it the sunlight it deserves.