Sunday, May 06, 2012

Cronyism in Walkerstan: DNR appointee fails to send massive waste violation case to DOJ

Here's what cronyism in Walkerstan looks like.

DNR appointee resolved massive waste violation internally instead of referring case to DOJ


Kevin Scheunemann said...

In other words, the DNR gave the "Tom Barrett treatment" to an actual, productive citizen.

When you criticize Tom for his constant poop dumping into Lake Michgan, then maybe, you have some credibility in criticizing the laxness of the DNR on issues like this.

The truth is: You are willing to let Democrats pollute, while, as Obama's crony put it: "crucify" the rest of us.

I think its refreshing to see the DNR not acting like thugs.

Mpeterson said...

Seriously Kevin, are you saying that Democrats are well know for being in favor of pollution, while Republicans make every effort, even at the expense of taking the long view in their economics, to be responsible environmental citizens?

What kind of sewer gas have you been huffing? ;^)

Kevin Scheunemann said...

I'm just tired of Tom Barrett dumping poop in the lake with impunity, while communities like Kewaskum and West Bend are held to impossible clean water standards at GREAT expense!

We clean the water to impossible, and expensive DNR standards so Milwaukee can poop the water up by the time it gets to the Lake!!!!

Clean water is fine, but when you start failing communities, with clean waste water, for 5 parts per BILLION of something when 4 parts per billion is the impossible standard (and Milwaukee gets these same standards WAIVED, thanks to Democrat cronies in the DNR!)...who cares about pollution, while Milwaukee dumps raw poop in the lake!!!!

If you really care about pollution, you will call for the biggest polluter in the state to clean up his act, Tom Barret!!!!

However, its clear, based on your silence, one can pollute with impunity...if they agree with you from a political standpoint.

I call poop on that.

Vince Marolla said...


So the staff of the DNR recommended the DOJ be involved and a political appointee of Gov. Walker did not follow that advice.

It seems that "Gunderson, a former Republican state representative, received $750 in campaign contributions from the owner of the company, Richard Herr, and Herr's wife in 2006 and 2008, the State Journal reported."

So I see pay for play is in full force in the Walker administration.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


What I am saying is: Democrats don't care about pollution as long as they do not criticize Tom Barrett for dumping constant poop in the lake.

Based on your outrage for this DNR story, you should be calling for Tom Barrett's ouster, given the amount of polluting he's done by comparison!

You cannot possibly care about pollution as long as you do not call out Tom Barrett for his gross pollution of the Lake!