Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Attn: Scott Walker: European, US Austerity Drive is Suicidal

So that would mean Walker wants Wisconsin to commit suicide?

Huh, yeah.  That fits.

But back to Prof. Stiglitz:

European, US Austerity Drive is Suicidal: Nobel Economist Stiglitz | Common Dreams

In an interview earlier this week in The European, Stiglitz said, "When you look at America, you have to concede that we have failed. Most Americans today are worse off than they were fifteen years ago. A full-time worker in the US is worse off today than he or she was 44 years ago. That is astounding – half a century of stagnation. The economic system is not delivering. It does not matter whether a few people at the top benefitted tremendously – when the majority of citizens are not better off, the economic system is not working."

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