Monday, May 21, 2012

Arizona birther stiffed by Hawaii.

My home state finally got mad enough to push back against the birthers -- although, for the record, Hawaii wasn't a state yet when I was born so, I wonder, can I be President?  It's true that I was born on a US Military base, but is that enough?

Hmm.   I won't be playing left field for the Brewers either.

In the meantime, more crazy xenophobia from Arizona.

How Hawaii Stiffed Arizona Secretary Of State Ken Bennett’s Birther Investigation | TPMMuckraker
“Hello Jill. I just left you a brief voice mail message,” Arizona Deputy Secretary of State Jim Drake wrote in an email to a Hawaii attorney on May 1. “I am wondering whether you can give me a ballpark timeframe on our request. As you know, the closer we get to November, the more my phone rings. I believe that having Hawaii’s response on hand might help to quell the inquiries!”
Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagamine’s response? “We need more information to substantiate that you are eligible to receive verification.”
In an interview with the Associated Press late Friday, a spokesman for the Hawaii attorney general said Bennett still has yet to show that he legitimately needs a verification of Hawaii’s birth certificate despite numerous emails back and forth.

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