Saturday, April 07, 2012

The War on Women: fueled by conservative's fear of women.

Finally, something that makes more sense than ... than anything anyone has said.

Why Patriarchal Men Are Utterly Petrified of Birth Control -- And Why We'll Still Be Fighting About it 100 Years From Now | Visions | AlterNet
‎"But perhaps most critically for us right now: mass-produced, affordable, reliable contraception has shredded the ages-old social contracts between men and women, and is forcing us all (willing or not) into wholesale re-negotiations on a raft of new ones. And, frankly, while some men have embraced this new order— perhaps seeing in it the potential to open up some interesting new choices for them, too — a global majority is increasingly confused, enraged, and terrified by it. They never wanted to be at this table in the first place, and they’re furious to even find themselves being forced to have this conversation at all. It was never meant to happen. It never should have happened. And they’re doing their damndest to put a stop to it all, right now, and make it go away."

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Anonymous said...

Bah!safe, rehashed feminist boilerplate. There's something else going on with all of this and we should not accept (even within our own minds) the trite accepted explanations.
Not long ago I said to some people that I bet there'll be a move to eliminate the 50/50 marital property thing and possibly the way that child support is overseen. Make it more like in the old days when a woman was really disadvantaged re: property and divorce rights. People looked at me like I had two heads. I'm used to that, what I'm not used to is being backed up this quickly by news reports. Not aiming at the 50/50 laws yet, but zeroing in - yesterday I saw where Juliane Appling wants to start an initiative that repeals (are you sitting down?) No Fault Divorce.
My parents divorced before the modern wave. People probably don't really understand the horrors of miserable marriages and having to try to prove cause and getting a bastard judge who truly enjoys power plays, people are used to cops trained in domestic violence and not used to the idea of cops who refused to write a report sent women back home to put make-up on bruises to be ready for church in the morning. Sick marriages that are forcibly held together by society benefit no one. But this is the New Delusional Thinking. "Weird" does not describe this new rash of retro-thinking and retro-lawmaking. Why do these guys want to fight the Taliban abroad and then act just like the Taliban at home? Why do they work to "conserve" not the best of the past, but the WORST? Why do they want to revive social failures that caused untold damage? Closeted gay men, closeted priests, enslaved non-white races, women as property, tainted products, broken streets, dirty air, bad water, the list goes on.
I say there's a method to this madness. Beyond just thinking that there's a new cult of Nihilism abroad in the land, I just don't have a theory yet. But life is definitely getting weird.