Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Walker's newest political strategist: angry former Hooter's Girl.

So they say...

Meet the Rising Republican Star Who Would Love to Punch Hillary Clinton in the Face

 But get ready for more high octane Crazy from the Arizona of the midwest — the communication coordinator for the embattled governor's [Walker's]  impending recall election is a charming, colorful former Hooters waitress who would just love to have the opportunity to punch Hillary Clinton in the face.
Meet Ciara Matthews. According  to AlterNet, she's a Republican attack dog type who has worked on the campaigns of such charming politicians as Sharron "When Life Gives You Lemons, Just Make Rape Lemonade " Angle, Nevada gubernatorial candidate Bob Beers, and Jim Gibbons, a guy who was accused of trying to rape a woman in a parking garage . She'll be directing the tone of Walker's bid to avoid being recalled by a state full of people who don't like him.

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Kevin Scheunemann said...

Compared to Falk and Barrett who cannot answer the simple question at the debate last night, "How would you balance the $3+ bil budget deficit?", does Walker need any other strategy?

Walker has a fix and put it into action.

Falk and Barrett refused to answer the question.

I suggest you get back to actual issues. Posts like this make you look foolish.

You need to get Falk and Barrett some answers on how they will pay for the public union giveaways, or they will continue to look fooish.

They cannot rely on the intellectual bankruptcy of this post, or the latest tin foil hat Koch conspiracy.