Saturday, April 07, 2012

Walker Manages to Crap on Women's Rights, Health Care & Sex Ed in a Single Day

From those scamps over at  Nice to see it laid out clearly this way.

Ambitious Governor Manages to Crap on Women's Rights, Health Care & Sex Ed in a Single Day
Determined to turn Wisconsin into a colder, milk-producing Arizona, Tea Party puppet Walker signed four new bills into law on Thursday, but didn't announce that they'd been signed until today as we're headed into a nice mind-erasing weekend. Senate Bill 202 repeals Wisconsin's equal pay law, effectively making it more difficult and expensive to women who are being discriminated against by their employers to file suit against them. Senate Bill 237 repeals the state's comprehensive sex education law, replacing it with a curriculum that stresses abstinence over medically accurate information about, uh, sex. Senate Bill 306 further restricts abortion and adds criminal penalties to doctors in the state. And Senate Bill 92 bans private insurance coverage of abortion (government interference in private business? So much for that whole "let businesses be free to do whatever they want so help me God bless America capitalism Adam Smith no regulations" mantra of the Tea Party.)
To add insult to injury, Walker didn't even have the balls to back up the move with a public appearance, or even a public statement on the matter. In fact, no one from his office has commented .


Vince Marolla said...

I am waiting for some business owner or someone from state government to explain why SB 202 is a good idea. All that it did was make it easier for women who were discriminated against in pay to seek back wages. It allowed them to use the state courts rather than the federal courts.

I am also waiting for some of the anti-Obamacare conservatives who tell me the mandate is unconstitutional to tell me how the government can tell a private business (SB 96) in this case an insurance company what they cannot cover. How can the government tell insurance companies that they cannot pay for something that is legal, abortion?

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