Sunday, April 08, 2012

Glenn Grothman: In defense of not defending women's rights.

Jezebel is really picking on Glenn these days for saying things any 1950's vintage Conservative would say.  Plus they do have a picture of Glenn picking his nose.

Truthfully, he had this coming, and I assume he's enjoying all the attention.

Yet More Dickery Oozes Out of the Talking Holes of Wisconsin’s Cheesy Republicans

 For people like Republican state senator Glenn Grothman (pictured here probably picking his nose in front of constituents and a major proponent of the repeal effort), not only was the Equal Pay Enforcement Act burdensome to those poor, beleaguered businesses who no doubt found it impossible to both turn a profit and pay women the same — if not, gasp, more! — than their male colleagues, it went against the natural, nurturing impulses of women. Amid the piles verbal feces that spluttered out of Grothman's mouth when he was given an opportunity to defend his support of the act's repeal, Grothman offered up what we might think of as an amateur's attempt to explain sociological phenomena, that is, we might think that if anybody in the GOP believed in the sciences, social or otherwise.

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