Monday, April 30, 2012

Liberals stage attack on the origin of moonlight.

Okay, I confess that early in high school I did, indeed, have a brief exposure to drug culture -- and it never produced anything like this:

Bill Nye Boo'd In Texas For Saying The Moon Reflects The Sun - Think Atheist

Gerald Koerner: 40 reasons to recall Walker

Here's a fairly good start on the complete list of reasons.

Gerald Koerner: 40 reasons to recall Walker

Ryan Shrugged: ducks out on his former obsession with Ayn Rand's Teachings.

There must be an Objectivist version of Losing my Religion, right?

Rep Ryan (R-Rand) is singing it loudly -- now that he has a shot at being the next Sarah Palin.

Paul Ryan Suddenly Does Not Embrace Ayn Rand's Teachings
WASHINGTON -- Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) tried to send the message this week that,contrary to "urban legend,"  he is not obsessed with philosopher and author Ayn Rand.
"I reject her philosophy," Ryan told National Review  on Thursday. "It's an atheist philosophy. It reduces human interactions down to mere contracts and it is antithetical to my worldview. If somebody is going to try to paste a person's view on epistemology to me, then give me Thomas Aquinas. Don’t give me Ayn Rand."
Best known for her novels "The Fountainhead" and "Atlas Shrugged," Rand advocated a philosophy that emphasizes the individual over the collective, and viewed capitalism as the only system truly based on the protection of the individual. She has been a significant influence on libertarians and conservatives.
Ryan, whose name has been floated as a possible running mate for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, appeared to be distancing himself from Rand in response to a public letter he received this week from nearly 90 faculty and administrators at Georgetown University. In their letter, they criticize him for misusing Catholic social teaching in defending his budget, which hurts the poor by proposing significant cuts to anti-hunger programs, slashing Pell Grants for low-income students and calling for a replacement of Medicare with a voucher-like system. They also invoke Rand's name.

How to improve education in Walkerstan: Force schools to Cut Teacher Salaries or Lay 'em off.

Also, Freedom is Slavery and, of course, Ignorance is Strength.

Daily Kos: WI School Board Assn Confirms that Some Schools Will Be Forced to Cut Teacher Salaries or Lay-Off
Wisconsin State Journal... you had me at hello, you ol' sidewinder!  Good job:  You were the first Wisconsin newspaper to get this story right.  
They interviewed Barry Forbes of the Wisconsin Association of School Boards who says that some (I would say many, if not most) schools districts will be forced into a position of making cuts to teacher pay or laying people off because of the budget crunch:

Follow the link for the whole story.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Teacher Tanya Lohr announces challenge against Glenn Grothman

Want to help?  Of course you do.  You can start by checking in here: Democratic Party of Washington County

In the meantime, our friends at blue cheddar wrote it up.

Teacher Tanya Lohr announces challenge against Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman |

The list of Grothman’s political offenses is long and his appearances on Fox TV have been many – all the better to fan the flames of anger in thousands of Wisconsin women, many of whom just so happen to be assembling at the steps of Wisconsin’s Capitol building tomorrow, Saturday Apirl 28th. I’m certain we will have an opportunity to hear a few words from Tanya Lohr then. I can’t wait.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Grothman ducks debate challenge because, well, people would find out about him.

Jezebel usually puts things a bit bluntly but, here we are.  Glenn is afraid his views on women will be misrepresented?  Hard to see how anyone could make him look worse than he has himself but, okay.

Anti-Woman Politician Refuses to Debate Congresswoman Because She'll Make Him Say Dumb Things
Fed up with the nonstop anti-woman crap emanating from Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman's mouth, State Rep. Kelda Helen Roys offered to debate him one on one, mano a womano, in public. Unsurprisingly, he turned her down, saying that she wanted to "to gain further platform to misrepresent the Republican position on a variety of issues," which is coward code for "my views are so terrible that not even I am capable of representing them in a way that doesn't make me sound like an asshole."
If the War on Women were an actual war, Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman wouldn't be Rambo, but he'd be close — he'd be one of Rambo's supporting gunman who isn't important enough to have a character name but who is in the background of a lot of shots where Rambo is roaring and firing a gun at something. Grothman's achievements so far this year include recommending that abused women remember the good times rather than leave their husbands, blaming single mothers for child abuse, and sponsoring a bill in Wisconsin that repealed the state's equal pay law, because money is just "more important to men."
He's an entire casserole of WTF with a sprinkling of crispy fried onions on top.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Paul Ryan, pants on fire, says Barack Obama 'has doubled the size of government since he took office'

He knows better.

PolitiFact | Paul Ryan says Barack Obama 'has doubled the size of government since he took office'
CBO concluded that by fiscal year 2012 -- the current fiscal year -- the president’s budget proposal would increase federal outlays to $3.7 trillion. That’s a 6 percent increase -- a far cry from doubling.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Because the GOP can't use the truth to win in Wisconsin... this:

Oh, what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

Daily Kos: Conservative group caught lying ... they repeat lie anyway
Madison conservative group Reforming Education And Demanding Excellent Results-Wisconsin, or READER-WI, recently put up a billboard on US 12-18 (the Beltline) that uses a quote purported to be from the late Albert Shanker, a former head of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). The quote?
"When schoolchildren start paying union dues [...] I'll start representing schoolchildren."
There's only one problem: He never said it.

Oh dear. But don't worry, they'll double down on the lie and everyone will forget about it after they tell the next one.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Walker's newest political strategist: angry former Hooter's Girl.

So they say...

Meet the Rising Republican Star Who Would Love to Punch Hillary Clinton in the Face

 But get ready for more high octane Crazy from the Arizona of the midwest — the communication coordinator for the embattled governor's [Walker's]  impending recall election is a charming, colorful former Hooters waitress who would just love to have the opportunity to punch Hillary Clinton in the face.
Meet Ciara Matthews. According  to AlterNet, she's a Republican attack dog type who has worked on the campaigns of such charming politicians as Sharron "When Life Gives You Lemons, Just Make Rape Lemonade " Angle, Nevada gubernatorial candidate Bob Beers, and Jim Gibbons, a guy who was accused of trying to rape a woman in a parking garage . She'll be directing the tone of Walker's bid to avoid being recalled by a state full of people who don't like him.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Teen Pregnancies: What the GOP just wrote into law in Wisconsin.

It's been well documented for some years now that abstinence based education *increases* the number of teen pregnancies AND that when you tell teenagers the truth about sex, as they do in Europe, not only do you get fewer pregnancy, you actually get fewer teenagers having sex in the first place.

But not in Wisconsin where Senator Grothman, who one assumes must be an expert on abstinence, helped push the bill through to Walker's secretive pen and had abstinence based sex ed put back into the curriculum.

I think I suggested some years ago that this is good for Senator Grothman since this bill will increase the number of abortions and, thus, provide fodder for his anti-abortion crusading... think about it, if we eliminated abortions in Wisconsin by eliminating unintended pregnancies, Glenn would be out of office in a heartbeat.

In the meantime, however, this:

Teen Pregnancies Highest In States With Abstinence-Only Policies | ThinkProgress
The number of teen births in the U.S.dropped again  in 2010, according to a government report, with nearly every state seeing a decrease. Nationally, the rate fell  9 percent to about 34 per 1,000 girls ages 15 through 19, and the drop was seen among all racial and ethnic groups. Mississippicontinues to have the highest  teen birth rate, with 55 births per 1,000 girls. New Hampshire has the lowest rate  at just under 16 percent.
This is the lowest national rate for teen births  since the Centers for Disease Control began tracking it in 1940, and CDC officials attributed the decline to pregnancy prevention efforts . Other reports show that teenagers  are having less sex and using contraception more often. Studies have backed this up. Researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle found that teenagers who received some type of comprehensive sex education were 60 percent less likely  to get pregnant or get someone else pregnant. And in 2007, a federal report showed that abstinence-only programs had “no impactson rates of sexual abstinence.”

Monday, April 09, 2012

Glenn Grothman knows what women want: less money than a man.

The more everyone learns about Glenn, the better.

Wisconsin State Senator Says Money Is Less Important To Women

Among Grothman’s inaccuracies is the idea that only males “expect to be a breadwinner someday.” In two-thirds of American families, women are either primary or co-breadwinners, and yet they still earn less than their male counterparts in all 50 states.
In 2011, the Wisconsin GOP carried out an extensive war on workers that led to recall efforts for state representatives, senators, and Walker himself. In 2012, Grothman and his colleagues have expanded that war to one on women, meaning a group of workers that was already strugglingto keep pace with their male counterparts is only going to fall further behind.

Conservatives still in denial about their authoritarianism.

You hear a lot about individual liberty and responsibility, but socially, they want the firm hand of the Daddy State.  They like it.

The Science of Fox News: Why Its Viewers are the Most Misinformed | | AlterNet

The Science of Fox News: Why Its Viewers are the Most Misinformed

Authoritarian people have a stronger emotional need for an outlet like Fox, where they can find affirmation and escape factual challenges to their beliefs.

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Editor's note: This is an excerpt from Chris Mooney’s new bookThe Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science and Reality .
In June of last year, Jon Stewart went on air with Fox News’ Chris Wallace and started a major media controversy over the channel’s misinforming of its viewers. “Who are the most consistently misinformed media viewers?” Stewart asked Wallace. “The most consistently misinformed? Fox, Fox viewers, consistently, every poll.”

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Some more reflections on the GOP's embrace of 'Social Darwinism'

From Philip Kitcherm writing in the NYTimes.

The Taint of 'Social Darwinism'
Given the well-known Republican antipathy to evolution, President Obama’s recent description of the Republican budget as an example of “social Darwinism” may be a canny piece of political labeling. In the interests of historical accuracy, however, it should be clearly recognized that “social Darwinism” has very little to do with the ideas developed by Charles Darwin in “On the Origin of Species.” Social Darwinism emerged as a movement in the late 19th-century, and has had waves of popularity ever since, but its central ideas owe more to the thought of a luminary of that time, Herbert Spencer, whose writings are (to understate) no longer widely read.

Glenn Grothman: In defense of not defending women's rights.

Jezebel is really picking on Glenn these days for saying things any 1950's vintage Conservative would say.  Plus they do have a picture of Glenn picking his nose.

Truthfully, he had this coming, and I assume he's enjoying all the attention.

Yet More Dickery Oozes Out of the Talking Holes of Wisconsin’s Cheesy Republicans

 For people like Republican state senator Glenn Grothman (pictured here probably picking his nose in front of constituents and a major proponent of the repeal effort), not only was the Equal Pay Enforcement Act burdensome to those poor, beleaguered businesses who no doubt found it impossible to both turn a profit and pay women the same — if not, gasp, more! — than their male colleagues, it went against the natural, nurturing impulses of women. Amid the piles verbal feces that spluttered out of Grothman's mouth when he was given an opportunity to defend his support of the act's repeal, Grothman offered up what we might think of as an amateur's attempt to explain sociological phenomena, that is, we might think that if anybody in the GOP believed in the sciences, social or otherwise.

It's time to hold ALEC owned legislators accountable.

Now that Coke, Pepsi, Intuit, and Kraft have pulled their sponsorship of ALEC -- largely the result of consumer demand -- it's time to demand that our representatives in government start to act as our representatives, rather representatives for the commercial demands of the East Coast economic elite.

Don't Just Pressure ALEC's Corporate Sponsors, Name and Shame ALEC Legislators | The Nation
These legislators are not thinking for themselves. They are taking their cues from an inside-the-beltway, corporate-sponsored group that effectively demands that they dismiss the will of their constituents in favor of the demands of those corporations. It's a dangerous calculus for democracy. And it is time to start asking legislators why they are answering to multinational corporations rather than hometown voters.

So, who's on our list in Wisconsin? Click the link or have a look below:

I spied my representatives.  Hello Glenn Grothman.  Hello Pat Strachota.

Wisconsin Legislators with ALEC Ties