Friday, March 02, 2012

Walker remains the most polarizing governor in the country.

Everyone is entrenched.

So much for reaching across the aisle. Strange how previous governors, both Republicans and Democrats, were able to do that. What's changed?

Despite millions spent on TV, opinions about Scott Walker aren't changing - JSOnline

Last year, the partisan division over Walker in Wisconsin was greater than that involving any governor in 40 states where Public Policy Polling had done surveys since 2010.

Not only is that still true today, but opinion about Walker is even more polarized by party than it was in 2011, which is pretty mind-boggling.

In PPP’s survey of 900 voters Feb. 23-26, Walker’s approval rating among Republicans was 92 percent. His approval rating among Democrats was 7 percent.

“I can’t think of another governor in the country who has either 90 percent approval in their own party or 90 percent disapproval in the other party,” says Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm that polls independently in Wisconsin and other states (and has had a good track record nationally).

Walker’s partisan “approval gap” -- the 85-point difference between his Republican and Democratic approval ratings – is unmatched among governors. No one else is in the neighborhood (the closest in recent months are New Jersey Republican Chris Christie and Minnesota Democrat Mark Dayton; their partisan approval gap is 66 points in the PPP surveys).

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