Friday, March 02, 2012

Walker puts high paying foxes in charge of judicial hen house.

At least he charged them for the jobs...that's a kind of job creation I guess.

Scott Walker puts Republican Donors on Wisconsin Judicial Commission | The Progressive


When they introduced themselves, three of the nominees referred to their long-term marriages as qualifications to serve on the Commission. One of these, Eileen Burnett of De Pere, spoke at some length of her experience as a homemaker and expert in abstinence education. What she didn’t mention was her record of donating $5,350 directly to Republican campaigns over the past eight years.

It turns out that two of the other nominees are also big time Republican Party donors. Mark Barrette of Beaver Dam has donated $4,100 in the same period of time, and Assef Saied, an anesthesiologist from Green Bay, has donated a total of $25,705 . They all donated generously to the two failed congressional campaigns of former Assembly Speaker John Gard of Green Bay. Gard now works with one of the most powerful and wealthy lobbying groups in the state, School Choice Wisconsin.

On the face of it, these appointments appear to be Scott Walker’s gestures of thanks to Republican loyalists. With all of the court cases, redistricting challenges and ethics complaints piling up against other GOP faithful within the court system, Walker and his sycophants will need all the help they can get.

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