Monday, March 12, 2012

Walker is indeed to blame for the state's poor growth - JSOnline

When you start by alienating your own employees... not just cutting salaries in response to current economic conditions -- something we're all used to and something that had ALREADY been accomplished when he came in -- but actively belittling their contributions to (what was the rather enviable) the well being of this state and characterizing them as a bunch of whining and overpaid slobs, well, jeez Andy, people are going to react.

And this small sliver of his impact on the state merely set the tone for everything else.

Walker is indeed to blame for the state's poor growth - JSOnline

With a script from the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council, Walker and state legislative leaders began with over $100 million in corporate tax cuts. Then they took away collective bargaining rights from most state and local governments. Their budget raised taxes on low-wage workers, cut $1 billion in aid to cities, counties, schools and colleges while reducing medical care and family support for the poor. The governor eliminated public oversight of major policy decisions, supported a secretive and dubious redistricting process and encouraged a voter ID law that would make segregationist Strom Thurmond proud.
And the economy? It sank like a rock. Six straight months of private-sector job losses in Wisconsin - dating from the implementation of Walker's state budget - contrast with growth in other states across the country. Wisconsin's jobs performance is one of the worst in the nation - worse than our Midwestern neighbors, worse than other manufacturing-heavy states. 

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