Monday, March 19, 2012

Walker: helping Wisconsin fail out of college too.

Why did Republicans expect a guy who couldn't finish college to get any of this "accountability" or "responsible governance" stuff right?   Yeah, I don't know either.

Wisconsin gets a C-minus for integrity

Wisconsin receives a C-minus in a nationwide ranking of states’ accountability and risk of corruption.
The State Integrity Investigation, released today, ranks Wisconsin 22nd, with a score of 70 percent — a score boosted by the creation in 2008 of the state Government Accountability Board to help clean up government.

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Kevin Scheunemann said...

Some of the greatest leaders and achievers in our society did not finish colege.

Good for them. College completion probably would have been a handicap, given how obtuse, and narrow thinking, many of the professors are.

Mpeterson said...

1) c o l l e g e.

2) Abe Lincoln had, at least, read the Bible and Shakespeare, by firelight. George W wasn't sober until he was 40 and Scott Walker can't balance a budget and think Jesus is personally providing his moral justifications for intruding government into everyone else's moral life.

3) were you able to finish university Kev? I've been under the impression that you thought it a waste of time.

Vince Marolla said...


Interesting you miss the point of the post. Let me spell it out for you, WI gets a C- in integrity in government. The rating is based on the states' accountability and risk of corruption. That is below average which is not good. I also suspect that this was before Gov. Walker created a legal defense fund meaning he is either the subject of a criminal investigation or under indictment.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


Yes I did finish---at the Midwest branch of the Kremlin---UW-Milwaukee.

What I experienced was a bunch of professional undergraduate students wasting time and extending their childhood. They would use government loan programs to borrow up to their eyeballs, drag their course load part-time and slack off for their communist agenda advocacy through "colorful"/racist organizations like the black Student union,gay lesbian alliance, and the Democratic party.

The longer these students went to school, their loans did not have to be repaid. The newspaper I ran in school documented a student on his 25th year of undergraduate attendance. Naturally, he was your typical pot smoking, leftist, hippie.

Ohh and BTW, UW-Miwaukee's graduation rate is worse than MPS---less than 25%!

So you tell me, where is the waste in government? THE UW SYSTEM!!!

The majority of students should not be there (because they don't care whether they are there, or may possibly be too dumb to be there) and should be swept out.


UW-Milwaukee graduate, but ashamed to admit it...because UW-Milwaukee is an institution of clowns.

Mpeterson said...

Hmm. I love your need to characterize a perfectly decent little university in such grandiose terms. Of course, it'd be hard to be a martyr if it were just another big college.

So, you thought your education was managed by clowns? What does this say about you?

Or gasp, about me?

I'm pretty careful never to inflate my shoes during class.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

UWWC was a much, much, better institution for learning than UWM.

You are one of the more respectable professors in the UW system.

Outside of 1 or 2 high level profs. in the UWM business school, you got all the UWM profs. beat in terms of teaching performance.

UW-Milwaukee, outside of maybe 10% of the student population serious about education, is a petri dish of complete government waste.

And you want to throw more money into the petri dish?

Mpeterson said...

We have the numbers to demonstrate it... but then, the problem is not their politics, but their ability to attend to the needs of their students.

For the other, worse, problem, see Josef Pieper's little critique in his Leisure: the Basis of Culture. You of all people should read it. ;^)