Saturday, March 31, 2012

Vinney Pheng: "Conservative" school board candidate wants tax payer supported charter school for his kids?

It's important to remember that Vinny Pheng, the WB School board candidate who thinks teachers are useless and has his kids in private school, is on the board of the local Baptist Church that advocated for a religious based charter school at TAXPAYER EXPENSE last year.   So, have the rest of the taxpayers pick up the tab for his kids to attend a school that doesn't perform as well as the public school does?

I know. Ironic.

This is what "conservative" has come to mean -- get the tax payer to support his private interests at the expense of any public responsibilities.

He likes Mr. Walker.

Of course.

Virtual-School Group Rewards Scott Walker | The Progressive
The news about Scott Walker’s education initiatives isn’t good this week. On Tuesday, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction came out with a damning report on achievement test scores  of kids in private “choice” schools.
In Racine and Milwaukee, kids attending private schools on the taxpayer’s dime through voucher programs are performing significantly worse in the Wisconsin Student Assessment System. In Racine, choice school students scored nearly fifteen points below their public school counterparts in reading, and ten points below in math.
Meanwhile, the Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators has posted results of its survey  detailing the effects of Walker’s 2011-2013 budget, which cuts $1.6 billion over the biennium. From loss of essential learning and support programs to massive teacher losses and increased class sizes, things are looking grim for Wisconsin’s public school kids and the k-12 schools they attend.
All this bad news seemed lost on the Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families, which bestowed the “Rock Star for Education Reform” award on Governor Walker at a private ceremony in the Concourse Hotel Wednesday. The group of approximately 30 adults and 100 children who “attend” online schools gathered for a lobbying day in Madison.

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Kevin Scheunemann said...

Maybe the "rest of us" want something more for our children than the cold, empty, and destructive religions of secular humanism, global warming, and evolution.

Given you are one of the high priests of the evolution religion, you have been an effective disciple to censor all other points of view in the public school.

Typical progressive, suppress all other religions but the cold and empty religions you want to follow.

Why don't we open up public education funding to a vibrant spiritual point of view?

Ohhh, I forgot, spirituality is suppressed at the schoolhouse door...courtesy of our progressive overlords. In the evolution religion, does that make you the "apes" of the first amendment?