Thursday, March 08, 2012

Surprise. ‘Defeat the Recall’ campaign largely funded by out-of-state donors

Is anyone really surprised?  Looks like there are out of state interests who are even more worried about this recall than Mr. Walker.

Wisconsin’s ‘Defeat the Recall’ campaign largely funded by out-of-state donors | The Raw Story

An email circulated Wednesday by a super PAC trying to drum up support for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) seems to have accidentially revealed that the “Defeat the Recall” campaign is being primarilly funded by individuals who do not live in Wisconsin.
The super PAC, which is registered out of California, is focused on the Walker campaign as a secondary effort. Their actual name is “The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama,” but they’vetaken up supporting Walker  as a key electoral front in 2012.
Out of 336 entries on the donor list circulated Wednesday, only 18 are Wisconsin residents — something that could pose trouble for Republicans if the state’s Democrats seize upon that fact.The group’s first Federal Election Commission filing  also reflected that trend, listing just nine donors who gave more than $200, with not a single one from Wisconsin.
“Scott Walker is raising millions of dollars, and about 17 percent of it comes from within Wisconsin,” Lynn Freeman, executive director of United Wisconsin , a super PAC supporting the recall efforts, told Raw Story on Wednesday. “I think this mirrors that.”

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