Friday, March 23, 2012

Have WI state media ignored ALEC’s influence on Voter ID?

Looks like they did.

State media ignored ALEC’s influence on Voter ID | Defend Wisconsin
LEC has a vast legislative influence in Wisconsin that started decades ago. For example, Wisconsin Republican state legislators have been passing bills to “reform” Wisconsin’s public schools that have been poured through the filter of the ALEC’s agenda for school reform before they were exposed to the light of day. One of these bills isAB 110 , which passed the state Assembly in March.  The bill would divert up to $80 million from public schools to private schools without requiring them to follow the same rules or provided needed services. The bill is part of the ALEC‘s agenda for school reform. Specifically, AB 110 is modeled on the ALEC Special Needs Scholarship Program Act . Lately, Wisconsin professors have started to confront ALEC’s threat to public education
ALEC began to focus on voter ID shortly after the highest general election turnout in nearly 60 years swept America’s first black president into office with strong support from college students and African-Americans. Soon after the 2008 elections, “Preventing Election Fraud” was the cover story on the Inside ALEC magazine, and ALEC corporations and politicians voted in 2009 for “model” voter ID legislation .
As a result, dozens of voter ID laws have been introduced in state legislatures over the past two years, including particularly strict measures passed in seven states in 2011 — Alabama, Kansas, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee and Wisconsin. In fact, around 34 Voter id bills modeled after the ALEC template were introduced in 2011.
Media Matters study  finds that despite the extensive and obvious influence of ALEC on state legislation, state media have largely ignored the group. The study finds that The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Completely Ignored ALEC’s role in Wisconsin’s voter ID billBased on a content analysis, since January 1, 2009 Wisconsin’s largest newspaper, has mentioned ALEC only eight times. One of these mentions was a letter to the editor which cites ALEC’s position on public employee retirement reform. The remaining seven mentions were contained in straight news stories.

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