Friday, March 09, 2012

Grothman on a roll: Unplanned Pregnancies Are A ‘Woman’s Choice’

Yes, he did.

Thank you Glenn for helping organize and energize Wisconsin's women voters.

WI Republican Senator Says That Unplanned Pregnancies Are A ‘Woman’s Choice’ (VIDEO) | Addicting Info

Yes, he did.

WI Republican Senator Says That Unplanned Pregnancies Are A ‘Woman’s Choice’ (VIDEO) | Addicting Info

Today is International Women’s Day, or as Republican’s know it better as “unnecessary homage to attention-seeking sluts” Day. Radio host, Rush Limbaugh, seems to be monopolizing the ire of females these days now that less popular misogynists are operating under the radar. Wisconsin Republican state Senator, Glenn Grothman, for example.
Senator Glenn Grothman (R-WI) already made headlines regarding a controversial bill that purports single parents to be potential child abusers, appears to be continuing his role of not knowing remotely anything about women after spouting some pretty nonsensical things that would make Mel Gibson blush.


shenningrn said...

"OMG ! I didn't think it could happen to me!" does not cut it. Other than rape, it sure is a woman's choice. Birth control pills are free at PP on the west side of town. Sex education is being taught early in the public schools. The stork won't bring a baby if the girl says "no". No excuses...

Dings said...

I read a controversial book, set in the Middle East, about a young unmarried woman who became pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy-the father was unknown/absentee. Tradition dictated that the community deal with such situations by stoning the woman to death for her indiscretion. The community was not particularly concerned about unborn children or their welfare. However one man took pity on the woman and decided to treat her with charity, marry her & care for her & her child so that she would not be subject to religious/political law and hate of the community. They had a baby boy and named him Jesus.

So for all those scheming women out there getting pregnant to live high off the hog.. can we presume they had miraculous conceptions? 'Cause I'm not hearing a lot of condemnation for the other half of the equation who (presumably) took part in the creation of these children. Or perhaps the 'choice' or scheming of the men to have sex doesn't count because they are not the ones physically giving birth to those expensive children?

If someone is widowed with children.. are they child abusers? What if one parent is away long term.. as they often are in Military service or other occupations, does that make the parent who is left to care for the children an abusive parent? What if the parents are gone much of the time working multiple jobs to provide for the family, does that automatically raise suspicions for an abusive situation? Are single fathers also by default considered child abusers or is it only single women? I know plenty of people who grew up in a 2-parent home that were were abused, sexually,physically, and mentally.

I am not an advocate of long term social welfare.. but this recent rash of insanity seems to be more about hate and the desire to control women. Let's save the unborn children above anything/anyone else.. but once they are on this earth they can just go to ... ?
How does curtailing access to birth control help this situation? I am flummoxed.

shenningrn said...

Where do we draw the line on what the government should provide for free?? Women DO have access to birth control - can be as low as
$9/mo for generic or free at PP. I am not against birth control, just the overall assumption that pregnancy isn't a woman's choice. Why is making them dependent on government a good thing? Give us more credit than that! Don't coddle the irresponsible ones - playing with fire might get you burned!

Vince Marolla said...


If Glenn gets his way, the only sex education taught will be abstinence.

Sorry -- it takes 2 to make a baby. And women do not always have a choice as you say -- I have watched men manipulate women into sex. There are so many other nuances. Both boy and girl have a responsibility.