Sunday, March 18, 2012

Democracy, no. Boots and Sabers, yes.

Boots and Sabers initiates friendly witch hunt against school board member.

It was only a matter of time before our friend Owen Robinson tried to initiate a witch hunt against one of the few non-insane members of our local school board.  Apparently Owen believes that people who hold public office should not be allowed to exercise their rights as citizens.  I guess this is another illustration of the common sense to be found among the true believers in our local Common Sense Citizens, (Inc.) Americans for Prosperity brigade and branch office. I noticed that 9 state judges signed the recall petitions, but clearly Owen is a better judge of the rights of American citizens than they are... or than you are, gentle reader.

What's most remarkable is that most of the school board members did NOT sign the recall petition since their civic responsibility is to improve public education and Mr. Walker, more than any governor in history, has stood solidly against improving public education.

Boots and Sabers is no longer just a name, it's now becoming the expression of Owen's real sense of political theory.

Democracy, no.  Boots and Sabers, yes.

Boots and Sabers - The blogging will continue until morale improves...


SHEBOYGAN — A newspaper analysis finds that 29 judges from 15 Wisconsin counties were among those who signed petitions to recall Gov. Scott Walker.
An analysis by Gannett Wisconsin Media found that about 12 percent of the state's approximately 250 county-level judges signed the petition.
The Sheboygan Press reports Sunday that the judges who agreed to be interviewed say their decisions were constitutionally protected, and are not banned by the Wisconsin Code of Judicial Conduct.

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Vince Marolla said...

Mark, great post which has now led to Owen posting a critique of yours.

I disagree with you on the level that I do not think Owen is critical of Mr. Beaver for exercising his First Amendment Rights. I think Owen is trying to find a reason demonize Mr. Beaver for signing. It is another example -- just like local self-appointed Ms. Manners, Ginny M. listing teachers who signed -- of those on the right trying to tear down those who do not agree with them.

The information about who signed is public. Anyone who cares can find it. So what does Owen serve by stating that Mr. Beaver signed and then speculating as to why? He serves those on the right who would rather demonize those who disagree with them than engage in an honest, open issue oriented discussion.

rocklobster said...

The current historical consensus about McCarthy was that it was irresponsible partisanship. We have laws, starting with the Constitution and working down. The recall process is legal right? Signing it is legal, so our self-appointed Gauleiter is simply trying to score cheap points with a crowd that believes neither in democracy or rule of law. We simply need to say, "at long last, sir, have you no shame?"

Mpeterson said...

Thanks so much for the correction Vince. I think you're right, too... Owen really isn't criticizing so much as demonizing Mr. Beaver. Criticism would require addressing the legal issues (there aren't any) or the ethical issues (there aren't any) rather than applying the "tsk tsk" faux investigative mode he does in this piece.

Owen, I apologize for suggesting that you were launching a friendly witch hunt by criticizing Mr. Beaver. I now see you were simply launching a friendly witch hunt by tarring his constitutional rights with the crossed sabers of your ethical compass. You're really just an entertainer -- like a graffiti artist, or something.