Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Walkergate cont. Wink Wink

And this in from Daily Kos:

Maybe Walker and Blago can hang out?

Daily Kos: Watching Wisconsin Republicans Squirm; UPDATE: First Conviction of Walker Aide

UPDATE:Darlene Wink, a Scott Walker staffer when he was the Milwaukee County Executive, struck a plea bargain and pleaded guilty today to two misdemeanor counts of illegal fundraising and political work. The Walkergate scandal began in 2010 when it was reported that Wink was doing campaign work on county time. Walker claims he asked for her resignation at that time and knew of no other wrongdoing on his watch. Her sentencing has been delayed until May. Prosecutors will likely suggest no jail time, depending on the level of cooperation they get from Wink. Word is she's already singing like a canary on a 5-Hour-Energy drink.

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