Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Walkergate, cont. The Smoking Laptop

And this latest from Joel McNally:

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A little taste McNally's follow up to the question about whether Walker knew they'd set up a shadow network in his office to be used for campaigning.

Rindfleisch has had previous encounters with the crimes she is now charged with committing: performing illegal campaign work as a county employee for Friends of Scott Walker and for Republican lieutenant governor candidate Brett Davis.

When Rindfleisch was a Republican legislative caucus employee in 2001, she was granted immunity for providing evidence in the state caucus scandal that rocked Wisconsin's Legislature. That investigation led to criminal charges against five state legislators and four aides for the same crime of using public employees as campaign workers.

Shortly after joining Walker's staff, Rindfleisch told a friend in an electronic message "half of what I'm doing is policy for the campaign."

Oh tick tock tick tock.

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