Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Walker using out of state group to challenge recall...

I get dizzy some days keeping track of the hypocrisy in the Governor's mansion. Here's some more of it.

Walker Using Out-of-State Tea Party Group to Indirectly Challenge Recall | Center for Media and Democracy

One issue is that Walker has long claimed the recall effort against him was led by "out-of-state special interests" (despite the governor relying on out-of-state donors for most of his fundraising ). Relying on out-of-state groups and individuals to do the legwork for his campaign may not play well, especially when upwards of 20,000 in-state-residents braved the cold and snow to gather recall signatures in the first place.

Another issue is that "True the Vote" is a 501(c)(3) "charitable" organization prohibited from intervening in political campaigns, and getting officially involved in the Walker campaign might threaten the group's (c)(3) status. In recent months, a number of other 501(c)(3) groups have gotten involved in defending Walker against recall, including the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity Foundation and the Illinois-based Heartland Institute. Last week, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin filed a complaint alleging the Americans for Prosperity Foundation violated its charitable status by running ads supporting Walker's reelection. "True the Vote" and its parent group, the King Street Patriots, have previously been accused of violating their nonprofit status and state election laws (and for their defense attorney they hired James Bopp Jr. , the anti-campaign finance crusader behind the infamous Citizens United case).

Finally, Walker might want to distance himself from "True the Vote" and King Street Patriots based on their alleged history of voter suppression.


sharonhollie said...

True The Vote does not represent any political party or affiliation. Our goal is the integrity of the process, not the outcome. If we can maintain the integrity of our elections, We protect our Constitution.
We are aware of the uncomplimentary things being said about True The Vote. It comes from misunderstanding and misinformation. 
There are political groups, who seek to manipulate election outcome. These groups will break any law and tell any lie to accomplish that goal. They repeat the same accusations for anyone they see as a threat to their agenda. Racist, bigot, selfish, radical right wingers, survivalists, bullies, brown shirts, skin heads, Bible thumpers, snake name it, TTV has heard it.
The hard working volunteers at TTV are the same people who always step up when a job needs to be done. They are the PTO Organizers, the Sunday school teachers, the committee chairmen, the little league coach, the volunteer fire men and women, the block captain, the civic association secretary, scout leaders, parents of the band, the fund raisers and charity organizers, the soldier on point.  Wherever there is a need, you will find these Americans.

Those who slander TTV, have no interest in fair and free elections.
Until I started paying attention, I had no idea the extent to which our election process is being systematically undermined. All across America, in every state, TTV is organizing.

The logic of how voter ID intimidates the voter, escapes me.

However, the logic of not wanting voter ID, in order to enhance the opportunity for vote fraud, does not escape me.

Mpeterson said...

Hi Ms. Hollie,

I too am at a loss regarding why voter ID is intimidating, but I do know that Koch Brother's money -- currently flooding into my state like a radioactive tsunami -- is more intimidating. ;^) Please forgive us for being a little nervous about outsider billionaires, using a variety of shell 501(c)3s and astroturf associations to funnel that wave, elbowing their way into our recall. I can tell you that those of us who collected signatures were terrifically careful precisely because we knew that every signature would be scrutinized and called into question. Moreover, the local RightWingers reports of people signing as Adolf Hitler or Mickey Mouse are interesting since, no one who actually wants Mr Walker recalled would include such a stupid fake... unless they were themselves Rightwingers who need the fuss.

I am delighted to hear that TTV is patriotic enough to disassociate itself from the Koch Brothers, AFP, the Club for Growth, and other funding sources that belong to the economic elitists who crashed our economy and are squeezing out the middle class.

I am happy, in that case, to welcome your efforts in Wisconsin.

My best wishes,

Vince Marolla said...

Ms. Hollie,

I am wondering about what Mr. Peterson said -- is True the Vote in any way, shape or form associated with the King Street Patriots?