Sunday, February 12, 2012

Unable to identify Obama's actual politics? You shouldn't be allowed to vote.

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Kevin Scheunemann said...

Stalinism is the natural result of socialism, communism, progressivism, and other ideoligies that cede all economic power to government. You are a part of these abusive ideologies, responsible for the deaths of millions last century, if you cannot answer the question, "How much is enough for government?" when it comes to the progressive greed for more of everyone's time, money, and effort.

When all economic resources and production are taxed into the hands of government (like Stalin did), the people are too poor, starving, or are too tired from being 100% indentured taxation slaves to fight government injustices. (The shocking amount of cancer deaths, from curable cancers, in England. as a prime example. Waiting in a national health care line, like Britian's, is not good for curing your curable cancer.)

As we see with Obamacare, just this week, Obama is already taking down the Roman Catholic church and is willing to dictate how Catholics can practice their religion from D.C. Very disgusting, is being polite, for what Obama is doing with his health care dictates.

If one does not understand that ceding your life, economics, and important life decisions to D.C. is not a Stalinist tendancy, then, to borrow a phrase from my favorite, intolerant, prof., you are too stupid to vote.