Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Right Freaks Out As GOP Poll Finds 20% Of Republicans May Vote For Obama

It is comforting to know that at least 20% of remaining, self-identified Republicans, are not crazy.

The Right Freaks Out As GOP Poll Finds 20% Of Republicans May Vote For Obama

A major freak out is occurring on the right as a new poll released by a Republican polling company has found that 20% of Republicans are more likely to vote for Obama.

The poll done by Republican polling firm Wenzel Strategies for World Net Daily found something similar to my own recent analysis of state polling data that the 2012 election is beginning to look like a replay of 2008. The Wenzel/WND poll turned up the surprising statistic that no matter who the Republican nominee is, one fifth of the Republican voters surveyed are leaning towards voting for President Obama.

The only Republican candidate who doesn’t lose at least 20% of GOP voters to Obama is Ron Paul, and he loses 19%. The poll found that 54% of those surveyed believed that Obama had exceeded or lived up to their expectations, and 47% said that he had not. Sixty percent of Independents thought Obama has met or exceeded their expectations as did 52% of moderates. In the head to head match ups with all voters polled Obama leads Romney, 48%-41%, Gingrich, 50%-36%, and Santorum, 49%-34%. Ron Paul fares best against Obama and he trails the president, 44%-40%.


Kevin Scheunemann said...

I would choke on voting for Gingrich or Romney as well (given both of them are really "Obama light")...but if any Republican votes for Obama, they are not "Republican".

Someone that votes for Obama is more properly labeled a "socialist".

Mpeterson said...

Not surprisingly, you're out of touch with reality Kevin. In your universe, anyone who voted for Reagan is a liberal.