Friday, February 10, 2012

Republican amateurs screw up WI budget.

Hmm.... I'd like to go with incompetence here, but my cynicism meter red-lined over a year ago and is now permanently stuck.

Either the faux "conservative" Bozos in Madison simply lied to us when they "balanced" the budget last year -- mainly on the back on the state's primary creator of future jobs, the UW System -- or they were incompetent.

-- oh, or they're lying to NOW as an excuse in order to funnel even more money out of public service and into privatization.

Cynicism meter says: there was public money still available for transfer to Republican sponsors.

But I'm just guessin'.

State faces $143 million shortfall as tax collections lag - JSOnline

Madison - The state's budget projections have deteriorated by $216 million, opening a new shortfall for Gov. Scott Walker to confront amid the political dogfight of a likely recall election.

The estimates by the Legislature's nonpartisan budget office show that a drop in expected tax collections has opened the hole, which after counting the state's previous cash reserves leaves the state with a projected $143 million budget deficit in its main account through June 2013.

Walker and Republican lawmakers will have to deal with the budget gap while they face a likely round of fresh recall elections this year, adding politics to the already tricky financial concerns. Plus, the budget problem is in reality even worse than it appears since the deficit numbers released Thursday don't account for a sizable shortfall in the state's health programs for the poor.

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