Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Pat Strachota on WRS... put up or hush up.

I'm calling Shenanigans.

Wisconsin needs to offer alternatives to one of the best retirement systems in the country?

Rep Strachota has been using the "because it'll make the University more competitive" argument with anyone who's asked -- but this claim does not ring true with any of the UW faculty *I* know.

More directly: she's arguing that letting employees pick up the cost of their own pensions will  make positions in UW System -- positions that recently took 8% pay-cuts, offer salaries lower than Alabama's, and promise no hope of salary increases in the foreseeable future -- more competitive?

Let's ask.  Pat?  

Proposal offers new options for retiring UW system employees | Fond du Lac Reporter | fdlreporter.com

Rep. Pat Strachota, R-West Bend, says the current retirement system is putting the UW at a "competitive disadvantage" to hire quality staff as most public universities offer plans where the account stays with the employee even if they leave or change jobs.

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