Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The latest Anti-Science assault on American Schools.

We know about these crusaders in West Bend, whether they're demanding that the public library burn books, or complaining that frightened gay teenagers are bullying them, or marshaling their troops to fight for the increasingly indictable Scott Walker and against that Islamic Kenyan Terrorist who keeps putting his feet on the desk in the Oval Office, the forces of the New Dark Ages are on the march.

Come on folks, let's hear from you! It's time for the local Christianists to come back out of the closet. You've been away too long. It's time to put up or shut up. If you believe evolution is "just a theory" you need to file suit in Federal Court to have Creationism taught along side scientific world views.

You should stop just taking it from these, so-called, "reasonable and educated" scientists, teachers, and academics who have managed to undermine and corrupt the old American values of ignorance and xenophobia with that whole "Enlightenment/Scientific Revolution/rational and deliberate thought" conspiracy.

Mary, Ginny. Let's dance again, like we did last summer.

The new anti-science assault on US schools | Katherine Stewart | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

You might have thought it was all over after the 2005 decision by the US district court of Middle Pennsylvania (pdf), which ruled in the case of the Dover Area schools that teaching intelligent design is unconstitutional. You might have guessed that they wouldn't come back after the 1987 US supreme court decision in Edwards v Aguillard, which deemed the teaching of creationism in Louisiana schools unconstitutional. Or maybe you figured that the opponents of evolution had their Waterloo in the1925 Scopes "monkey" trial in Tennessee.

They are back. There are six bills aimed at undermining the teaching of evolution before state legislatures this year: two each in New Hampshire and Missouri, one each in Indiana and Oklahoma. And it's only February.

For the most part, the authors of these bills are singing a song we've heard before. Jerry Bergevin, the Republican sponsor of one of the New Hampshire bills, says of evolution that "It's a worldview and it's godless." He blames the teaching of evolution for Nazism and Columbine. Josh Brecheen, the sponsor of the Oklahoma bill, wants to stop the teaching of "the religion of evolution." These legislators, and their colleagues in Missouri and Indiana, trot out the hoary line that evolution is "just a theory" and that real science means saying that every point of view is just as good as any other.

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Vince Marolla said...

Thanks Mark. This is a perfect and appropriate call to action. In AP Biology at the WB High School the teaching of evolution started yesterday.