Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Great West Bend Flag Controversy! Commies suspected.

Hi everybody,

A few of our local knee-jerk conservatives brewed up a nice hot mug of self-righteous indignation after the flag at Badger Middle School was seen flying upside down over the weekend.  

School officials replaced the damaged, flapping flag (which had torn loose from its top grommet and appeared to be flying upside down) by the beginning of the school day on Monday -- but that didn't matter.  The timing was too suspect.  Someone assumed it was a demonstration against the Walker administration and alerted the media -- it's what people do here.

Best of all was watching the exchange over at the local bastion of conservative thinktankery -- or really, the local tank of conservative thinkbastionry -- Boots and Sabers. 

Two details stood out in their reportage.  Here's one.

Owen Robinson, the site's operator -- probably the next conservative state senator (or pin headed radio talk show host) from our area -- wrote it up this way:
I’ve heard that the American Flag was being flown at half mast and upside down in front of Badger Middle School in West Bend this morning. Today is the anniversary of the introduction of Act 10. Does anyone have a picture?

UPDATE: Both in the paper today and in an email to me, the Superintendent has said that this was a case of the top grommet on the flag breaking, thus causing the flag to hang upside down and lower because it was only hanging from the bottom grommet. Without any further evidence, I have no reason to doubt that explanation.
First, the school superintendent wrote a BLOGGER a special email?  Ah, but that's indicative of the power Brother Robinson wields here.

I was, however, struck by his use of the phrase "Without any further evidence, I have no reason to doubt that explanation."

A friend of mine picked this up.  It is exactly what House Speaker Boehner said when asked if he believed President Obama's claim to be a Christian.

 "Without any further evidence, I have no reason to doubt that explanation." 


Owen's assimilation into the Inner Party is apparently proceeding nicely.

I also was struck by the first comment:
Even if you catch a picture…school district may say its honor to Whitney Houston, which may be worse than if it was done for Act 10.
Balancing the state budget, getting control over the out of control union rules and benefits for local units of government is now a tragedy?
If it is, the public school is truly failing to educate, just on this issue alone.
Posted by Kevin Scheunemann on February 13, 2012 at 1640 hrs
Many of you will no doubt recognize our own Official Motley Cow Blog Troll, Kevin.  In fairly typical fashion Kevin, for once not complaining sarcastically about the effects of the Enlightenment, calls out middle school teachers for being the race-baiting unionizing commies they are by associating them with, yes, Whitney Houston.

For those of you who would like to write in your support for Kevin, his address is given as  I'm sure he'd love to hear from you.



Kid Cutbank said...

Yes! Commies!

Kevin Scheunemann said...


I brought up Whitney Houston in my comment because I would not be shocked by that as the reason for the upside down flag, at half mast. (Which, both being true, is suspicious, on a pure mechanical break). Whitney's embrace of the Hollywood drug culture and the destructioon it lead Whitney Houston to, over the same weekend, is truly "distressing"

Whitney was an active, church going Christian, and the Hollywood culture literally destroyed her. It should serve as a warning to children everywhere.

I, for one, would like to see the security tapes of the flag poll from the time the administration says this happened on Sat until Mon 8 A.M. when it was taken down.

You really took your "progressive wheaties" today with all that "race baiting" commentary...until you made that comment, I did not even remember she was African American...I don't worry about the color of anyone's skin, like you do.

Other Side said...

I, for one, would like to see the security tapes of the flag poll from the time the administration says this happened on Sat until Mon 8 A.M. when it was taken down.

Really? I don't remember West Bend being this batshit crazy back in the 70s.

I did not even remember she was African American

Don't be stupid, Kevin. That's a lie.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Other side,

Good to see your unenlightening commentary has not changed.

I saw Whitney Houston as a great singer, who was an active, church going Christian, who's life was consumed and destroyed by the Hollywood enabling drug culture. I did not, at all, perceive Whitney Houston as African American until our resident race baiting professor brought it up. I think he has an obsession with judging people by race.

If we are going to indulge the progressive idea of judging people by race, why don't you get outraged by the drug culture of Hollywood enabling, chewing up, and literally killing African American icons? First Michael Jackson, now Whitney? The only thing racist here is the Hollywood drug culture destroying outstandingly talented African Americans.

How many African American singers/performers have to die before we seriously talk about the abusive Hollywood drug culture?

Other Side said...

Finally. I was hoping to respond earlier, but my computer at home went on vacation, and I've discovered I do not have the younger generation's talent for nimbly pecking away on those little smartphone keyboards.

So. Where to begin. First off, Kevin, I wasn't aware you were a BPE (Best Person Ever). It must be rough. I apologize if my unenlightened commentary was too harsh for you. I'll try to do better today.

Kevin, I thought you conservatives were all for personal responsibility. I mean, Ms Houston's death is a sad thing, but using her death to make a political statement is really sort of low (that BPE is rubbing off a bit). Apparently her Christian upbringing wasn't enough.

We all know why. Talking points! You got them down, I have to admit, Kevin. Hollywood bad ... mostly because its residents favor liberal and tolerant causes. Kind of like unions bad and to hell with the people affected.

I'm trying to figure out where Mark was judging anyone. You were the one who associated Ms Houston with the faux flag conspiracy. Kevin, if the psychotropics you're ingesting courtesy of the GOP is causing you to see and hear things, you may want to consider getting off them.

Fact is, everytime I come to visit this site and find something you've written ... well, let's just say that your solipsism syndrome is showing.

Lastly (BPE aura gone now) I have no problem engaging you in a discussion, even an enlightened one. But please put the talking points away and talk to me (Mark, too) like a human being, without the static.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Personal Responsibility? Since when do progressives advocate that?

Personal responsibility is officially dead my friend. Obama killed it.

You got Michele Obama wanting to regulate salt and calories right down to the restaurant menu board because it might kill you...while we got an active, irresponsible, Hollywood drug culture actually killing African American icons, disproportionately, of late...and you say leave it alone, "personal responsibility"?

Wow. I think that's very racist of you.

I do believe in the right to be let alone from intrusive government. Progressives do not. Given we have only experienced the tip of the invasion of privacy iceberg on this monstrous health care bill, its clear we have taken the step to intrude on everyone's private life with Obama's radical leftist health care agenda.

Let's start by saving African American icons from dying because of the massive, irresponsible, Hollywood drug culture. If we can just save one life...isn't the massive invasion of privacy worth it? (Seems to be worth it, for Obama, to change how Catholics practice their religion!...but not to stop drug over-dosing actors/actresses?)

Besides, I don't want to pay for all these over-dosing, prescription or otherwise, drug ridden Hollywood actors/actresses with my tax dollars.