Sunday, February 26, 2012

Divide and conquer. GOP sets working people against each other.

Because if they didn't, they could never succeed.

Plain Talk: Sad email underscores how GOP divides us

Scott Walker’s demonization of public workers won’t result in help for family farmers. Instead, he’s leading the charge to destroy the only health care reform the nation has seen since it adopted Medicare. What Walker derisively calls ObamaCare would offer family farmers affordable insurance without a $10,000 deductible, but the governor and his enablers in the Legislature are making it next to impossible for Wisconsin to participate.

But health care is just a small piece of the cynical game that has cleverly driven a wedge between people who ought to be fighting with, not against, each other.

Neither Brenda nor other family farmers will benefit if somehow public workers are reduced to having unaffordable health insurance with $10,000 deductibles while their pension plans are pilloried.

If Americans stuck together, the country might actually get true, single-payer universal health care that would not only cover the Brendas of rural America, but could save the health care system billions in unnecessary overhead costs.

First, though, the people need to stop believing the lies.

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