Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Big Fibs from Paul Ryan.

Keep in mind that Ryan's entire public career has been about finding moral justifications for selfishness. It helps keep his pathology in context.

FACT CHECK: Paul Ryan Falsely Claims He Supports Ending Subsidies to Wealthy, Eliminating Loopholes | DCCC

Today on Fox News Sunday, Republican Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (WI-01) falsely claimed he wants to stop "subsidizing the wealthy" and "get the loopholes out" of our tax code.

In reality, Paul Ryan and House Republicans have repeatedly voted to protect tax breaks for the ultra wealthy and tax loopholes for Big Oil. In fact, Ryan himself authored a plan to give the ultra wealthy tax breaks and supported the creation of tax loopholes for some of his top contributors. Ryan and House Republicans are now opposed to ending these kind of tax breaks for the ultra wealthy in order to stop a payroll tax hike at the end of February.

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