Saturday, January 14, 2012

Here we go again. All Current Creationism Bills Originate From An Amendment Drafted And Proposed By Rick Santorum In 2001

How long until local fundamentalists in West Bend, and now perhaps the ideological zealots controlling Madison, attempt --once again -- to override the US Constitution by imposing their religious views in place of science?

Not too long, I'm guessing.

Since January 1st, three state legislatures in Missouri, Indiana, and New Hampshire have all introduced bills that would force schools to teach creationism as an accepted science even if students, parents, and teachers are not Christians. Such bills infringe upon religious freedom as protected by the United States Constitution. Since 2004, 12 states have tried to pass creationism bills. Only one, in Louisiana, has become law. You may be wondering, where did all of these bills come from?

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Kevin Scheunemann said...

If evolution was actual "science" you could make that argument.

Evolution is, at best, "theory". The reason its the only thing allowed in public schools is because the evolution zealots, or disciples, have been more fervent in their faith.