Friday, January 27, 2012

From Wausau: Walker's jobs claims strain truth

Walker's betting the Big Lie technique will work... and why shouldn't he? It works all the time.

But not everyone's bought it.

Our View: Walker's jobs claims strain truth | Wausau Daily Herald |

Gov. Walker is using superficial and disingenuous arguments when it comes to his record on job creation. But he's not the only one. His enemies in the Democratic Party claim that Wisconsin's six straight months of private-sector job losses at the end of 2011 are proof that Walker's policies not only have failed to create jobs so far, but that they never will work.
It's simply too early to make that claim, and it ignores all the national and international factors that have stunted job growth in Wisconsin.
The truth is, it is neither Walker's fault that the state lost private-sector jobs in the last half of 2011, nor to his credit that some businesses were hiring.

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