Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Adbusters and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Reality is stranger and more interesting than fiction. Some insights into the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Kalle Lasn and Micah White, the Creators of Occupy Wall Street : The New Yorker

Join the Republican war on teachers.

Wisconsin Assembly Republican wants to give eggs status of persons.

Human eggs, of course -- although it makes as much sense to rule that chicken eggs are legally chickens.

I wanted to say that  Republican Andre Jacque belongs in Mississippi, which tried this earlier in the year, but even voters there rejected this nonsense.

Maybe he thinks our schools are worse.

Of course, passing this bill would make every woman who fails to get pregnant, who might have a  fertilized zygote that fails to implant, guilty of involuntary manslaughter.  

Maybe Jacque has contributors in the prison industry as well.

No really.

It's worth noting that Wisconsin Right to Life is on record opposing this type of measure, as the group believes it would be counterproductive and lead to inevitable and expensive legal fights. And under Wisconsin law, a constitutional amendment has to pass in both chambers in two consecutive sessions of the legislature, after which it's put to voters on a statewide ballot.

If the economy were the solar system...

Bachmann: I Would Close Our Embassy In Iran | TPM2012

Because it's better to be Right than right.

I should probably just build that phrase into a macro. It looks like I'll be using it a lot.

Oh, Michele? We don't have an embassy in Iran.

Bachmann: I Would Close Our (Non-Existent) Embassy In Iran

The Occupy Movement. Liberals are unsettled too. They must be on to something.

A lucid piece on the Occupy Movement. Hedges' comment here reminds me of Solzhenitsyn's Harvard Class Day address.

Occupy’s Radicalism Prompts Disdain from Liberal Class -- In These Times
“Acts of resistance are moral acts…. They should be carried out not because they are effective, but because they are right. Those who begin these acts are always few. They are dismissed by those in the liberal class, who hide their cowardice behind their cynicism.” - Chris Hedges,Death of the Liberal Class

Dowd on Newt: Still Johnny One Note

Newt is to "smart" what pimps are to "classy" if my friend Chuck is to be believed. Or there's Maureen Dowd.

My Man Newt -

Gingrich boasts that he’s full of fresh ideas, but it always seems to essentially be the same old one: Let’s turn the clock back to the ’50s. Just as Newt, who dodged service in Vietnam, once cast the Clintons as hippie “McGovernicks,” now he limns the Occupy Wall Street protesters as hippies who need to take a bath and get a job.

Walker appointee says workplace harassment of gays is legal

Another indication of what the world looks like inside the RightWing fishbowl.  Freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, harassment is free-speech, and it's better to be Right than right.

Walker appointee says workplace harassment of gays is legal | Milwaukee Gaze | Wisconsin Gazette - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) News

Another way to make the middle class pay for tax breaks.

Especially amusing in light of the Walker ads that somehow spin spending tax payer dollars on fewer teachers  increases the number of teachers.  Less is more, but more for Walker's owners and less for most people in Wisconsin.

GOP Willing To Raise Payroll Taxes On 113 Million Households To Spare 345,000 Millionaires From Tiny Surtax 

Tired of encountering blind faith? The Denier Debunking Handbook

Some good advice on how to begin the process of waking up you family members, or friends, who have been rocked to sleep by the Americans for Prosperity, etc. Xanax machine.

Must Read: The Denier Debunking Handbook

It’s self-evident that democratic societies should
base their decisions on accurate information. On
many issues, however, misinformation can become
entrenched in parts of the community, particularly
when vested interests are involved.1,2 Reducing
the influence of misinformation is a difficult and
complex challenge.