Thursday, December 15, 2011

What Is College For?

Good question.

What Is College For? -
Our support for higher education makes sense only if we regard this intellectual culture as essential to our society. Otherwise, we could provide job-training and basic social and moral formation for young adults far more efficiently and cheaply, through, say, a combination of professional and trade schools, and public service programs. There would be no need to support, at great expense, the highly specialized interests of, for example, physicists, philosophers, anthropologists and art historians. Colleges and universities have no point if we do not value the knowledge and understanding to which their faculties are dedicated.

This reasonable discussion makes it clear that the current trend in American politics does not value the search for what can be known scientifically, humanistically, or express artistically -- but only whether it makes money.

Oddly, money doesn't make you -- or your civilization -- better and not everything has a price.

Or does it?


Kevin Scheunemann said...

College is over-priced, saddling unsuspecting, piously optimistic, students with hundreds of thousands in student loan debt, in some cases, that never goes away.

I think college professors should be held personally accountable for the education pricing bubble, which will be a worse meltdown than the sub-prime mortgage crash.

Mpeterson said...

It's very brave of you to expose your ignorance this spectacularly.

The faculty haven't run universities in 20 years Kevin. We're just employees.

But I have taken personal responsibility for the way the UW system failed in your case... but some of that is your fault too.