Sunday, December 04, 2011

West Bend man held for defacing petition, police say

It is, of course, a felony. Maybe listening to too much Charlie Sykes or Rush or Beck or FoxNews finally convinced him that the rules don't apply to him.

Looks like we'll find out on Monday.

West Bend man held for defacing petition, police say - JSOnline

A 30-year-old West Bend man was arrested Sunday on allegations of defacing recall petitions for Gov. Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch at a residence in West Bend.

"The suspect stood in line to sign a petition and when given the petition clip board, he scribbled out some names on the actual form and the recall worker took the clipboard back and he left the scene without any incident," West Bend police Sgt. Matt Rohlinger said.

Police used a license plate number to track down the suspect.

The incident happened about 12:20 p.m. outside the house of a teacher who was collecting signatures, said Waring R. Fincke, a lawyer who is one of the organizers of the recall effort in Washington County.

The man was being held in the Washington County Jail.

The man will likely appear in court Monday, Rohlinger said.

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The Lord of Everything in Existence said...

I can't say I'm surprised that Boots and Sabers hasn't reported this yet...